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About AppointmentLead

AppointmentLead is a cloud-based tool which is used to automate specific tasks as desired by the user. The product is for personal use such as networking in LinkedIn.

AppointmentLead mimics human behavior and the possibility of it being recognized by LinkedIn as an automation tool is minimum.

The privacy policy will explain in further details how AppointmentLead handles its users’ data.

Collected Data

AppointmentLead is an inseparable tool used for automating tasks in LinkedIn. This is why, in order to use AppointmentLead, the users must log in with their LinkedIn accounts.

Additionally, AppointmentLead collects billing information for the collection of the Subscription fees.


AppointmentLead uses cookies to recognize its users and their devices. The use of cookies can be managed in the website browser. If the cookies are disabled by the user, AppointmentLead may not work as smoothly and uninterruptedly as expected.

The Use of AppointmentLead

AppointmentLead logs usage data when a customer visits the website or use the product (AppointmentLead). AppointmentLead keeps track of the tasks executed by the user such as searching, setting up campaigns, viewing or clicking. The data which is collected is regarding logins, cookies, device information and IP address.

Control of Data

AppointmentLead collects only the needed details of the user only for the purpose of the user’s personal account. AppointmentLead keeps only data the user has provided and generated data from the customer’s use of AppointmentLead. AppointmentLead does not keep information of the user after the termination of their account. Sometimes, AppointmentLead may keep information such as name and email, only to remarket itself to the user after the termination of their personal account. In case the user does not want to be contacted with information about AppointmentLead after the termination, they can always choose not to be a part of AppointmentLead's marketing campaigns by unsubscribing.

Third Parties

AppointmentLead does not share personal or any information of its users with third parties no matter the context.


AppointmentLead uses safeguards in order to protect your data such as HTTPS. Additionally, AppointmentLead tracks the activity of its website and product to make sure that they are safeguarded and there is no breach or any kinds of attacks against it. However, AppointmentLead cannot ensure that the information the user provide will stay secure. There is no guarantee that data may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of AppointmentLead's technical or managerial safeguards.

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